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The suitcase kid

An exciting book written by Jacqueline Wilson. There was a girl called Andrea (Andy for short) whose parents divorced. She has one week at her dads and one week at her mums, but which one can she call home?

This book taught me how special a family is  no matter what! What are your family/familys  like? Has your parents ever had a divorce?

When Andrea was at her mums her step-sister (Katie) annoyed Andy very very much. Something worse is they had to sleep in the same room! Katie never sleeps, she just puts her telly on ALL night. 

When Andrea was at her dads it was quite good there because dad had a new girlfriend called Carrie. and Andrea had step-brother and step-sister (not Katie) the boy ws called Zen 5 years old, the girl was called Crystal 6 years old. Andy mostly wanted to stay at her dads but poor mum on her own with that Katie!

I recommend this book for children aged 7+ who might be having difficulties at home when parents are divorced. This will help children to feel like they are not alone with their worries.

The Twits.

The Twits are very mean people. Mr Twit has the biggest beard in the whole world! All sorts of things get stuck in his beard like silten cheese, cornflakes (his favourite) and tinned sardines. Now lets get on to Mrs Twit. Mrs Twit started as a very kind little girl when she was young but then, she started having mean, unkind and ugly thoughts. The ugly thoughts started to grow on her face, until her face was so disgusting and ugly you coudnt bear to look at it!

I like this book because theres this thing that Mr Twit ''made up'' then it actually happend. He called it 'the shrinks.' Its where you shrink automatically. Your head shrinks into your neck, your neck shrinks into your body, your body shrinks into your legs, your legs shrink into your feet and then....YOUR FEET DISAPAER and then all there is left, is a pair of clothes on the floor. 

I think people should read this book because it is very exciting and a very good book for 5+ year olds.

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda by Roald Dahl

There was a story about a girl named Matilda who didn't get much love from her family. A lot of the time Matilda had to look after herself because her mum was always at bingo and her dad was a crook.

When she went to school she met a lovely teacher called Miss Honey and a best friend called Lavendar. Miss honey realised that Matilda had a special gift and that she was very clever and very kind. 

The head teacher of the school (Miss Trunchbull) was very mean to everyone, especially to Matilda. Matilda soon realised that she had special  powers and she needed to help Miss Honey get her things back from her old house, where Miss Trunchbull lived.

In the end Miss Trunchbull ran away forever because of the Karma she received for being so mean! Matilda's cruel parents let her live with Miss Honey, where they lived happily ever after.

I really like this book because Matilda loves reading books and loves going to school just like me. Another reason is because it shows that even if your having a bad time at home, reading a book will always help to make you feel better.

I would recommend everyone to read this book as it is a funny and memorable classic from Roald Dahl.