The Fortunate Child

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I first learnt about Meditation when I was in year 1. My mummy signed me up to an after school class where we did lots of adventure games, meditation and yoga.

What is it for? Meditation is good for your emotions and it helps you to keep calm and peaceful when you feel stressed, angry or sad.

Where do you do it? Meditation can be done anywhere but I like to do it in the forest because nature helps you to focus.

How do you do it? All you need to do is find some calming music, close your eyes and concentrate on deep breathing. If you go on YouTube and type in 'meditation for children' you can find some videos and instructions on there.

Me meditating in the forest

Cleansing my crystals in the river

Crystal meditation

What are they? They look so beautiful and shiny, like little stones of magic. 

Why do we use them? Magical healing crystals help us to concentrate better when we meditate. They all have different meanings and things that they help you with.

How do I use them? You can put them in places on your body like your forehead or you can just have them closeby when you meditate. 

Why do we need to cleanse our crystals? It is important to cleanse your crystals as soon as you get them to makes sure they go back to their natural state. You also need to clean them often because sometimes bad energy can get stuck in there which means they could stop working properly.