The Fortunate Child

A safe place for children to turn their worries into happy thoughts

Hi guys its me Aaliyah!

A little bit about me

Hi everyone, my name is Aaliyah and I am 8 years old. (Well I am actually 8 years and 8 months old so that means I'm nearly nine!!!!) I want to be a writer when I grow up 🙂

I read a book called 'The Worry Website' by Jaqueline Wilson last week and I thought it was such a good story that will help lots of children.

Then a big idea came to me... Why don't I create a blog online where I can share my positive activities, thoughts and mindfulness routines?

There is a lot of information online for parents about childrens mental health but I could not find one article for children written by an ACTUAL child so I thought why not be the first one???

I LOVE reading & writing and since its mental health awareness week I know this will help myself and other children like me. So sit back and enjoy learning about all the fun things that keep me happy and grateful!

We are all fortunate! We are all beautiful! We are all strong!

Disclaimer: Me and my mummy are not qualified to give advice but there is a tab on my website (if you need help) where you can be signposted to the right direction. I would advise anyone who is feeling really low to tell a trusted adult.

Thank you

Aaliyah ♡