The Fortunate Child

A safe place for children to turn their worries into happy thoughts


Hello everyone sorry I havent posted anything in a while because school has started and i never have enough time to go on the latop because I have homework to do.I hope everyones okay with covid.

Later on  im going to add some content about when i went to Whitby and found these really beautiful crystals and went in a very interesting museum!

Welcome to my website

Kindness                    Patience                    Gratitude


Hi everyone and welcome to 'The Fortunate Child'.

Finally its ready for you all to see, I hope you like it.

The aim of my website is to promote positivity and gratitude, because life is so precious and sometimes we need little voices to help us realise this!

I have been working super hard this week to make sure it is ready for you guys to see.

I will be updating my blogs and activities every weekend so make sure you come back to check what is new.

I have also challenged myself to read one book every week so that I can write about them in my blog. If you want to join me in this challenge then feel free to join 😀 Lets begin!